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Born in 1960 in South Africa from UK descent, I started my journey as an artist with pencil, paper, clay and paint. All my artistic efforts were focused on attempting to capture moments in time - moments that could be relived for eternity.

​Life presented me with opportunities to develop my skills in various artforms while working for Museums and Paleontological research facilities and as a freelance artist.  As curator and lead artist of a WW2 Museum I had the privilege of dealing directly with priceless artifacts and timeless works of art. Following my formal studies, I have spent decades mastering the techniques required for different mediums involved with sculpture, paint, metalwork, jewellery and fine metal engraving. Nowadays the ability to choose my medium and give flight to my creative spirit ensures absolute fulfilment of my creative spirit and allows me to create unique pieces.  
I found my greatest inspiration though in the works of Michelangelo, Rodin, Rembrandt, Picasso and Salvador Dali. Their incredible vision and exquisite execution of light, colour, composition and texture is awe inspiring. As a result, most of my earlier work was founded in realistic renditions of my own creative passion.  This adapted to a more contemporary style as time went by and artistic emphasis became more interpretive.  Some of my best works can be found in Museums and galleries in South Africa, as well as private collections in the UK, Canada and America.

I view successful art as a time capsule version of a singular moment. A single representation of life that never diminishes and always bears with it the passion. pain  or ecstasy of it's creator. As artists we endeavour to create these moments in time that will radiate precious emotions to fellow humans through eternity.

"Art is where language dissolves into emotion and words become otiose"



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